Tuscany Horse Trail
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“Doing what you love is freedom, loving what you do is happiness”

We choose our rides with care and all are tried and personally tested. We know your guides, the horses and the route you’ll take.

We offer a wide range of horse activities and more. Trekking, trail riding, riding holidays, events with horses and tailor-made and private rides to suit.

We can give you specialist advice, after more than 20 years organizing riding experience in Tuscany, we know what really counts.

It’s much more than just a compilation of every riding experience available. Quality from well trained horses, to certified guides‘ professionality and experience, who will look after you with care and attention, to the place you visit, allow to live an adventure in an enthusiastic way.

Our goal is offer the possibility to know a part of Italy a 360-degree. We partern up with farms, agri-tourism, wine cellars, breweries and restaurant zero-miles products.

If you care about finding the best wherever you want to go in Tuscany, you’ve come to the right place.

Tuscany, a part of Italy that fascinates. Each area and route has its highlights and attraction: Gorgeous and breathing landscape, wild nature, pristine natural reserve and regional park, natural therms, overgrown beaches, history and ancient paths, wine route, and equestrian tradition thanks to Butteri and their work with Maremma cows raised in the wild. You can choose between the sea, the plains and hills and follow the tracks on horseback. All this makes this part of Italy one of the favorite destinations by all nature and adventure lovers.

Horses, our partners, animals who make us dream. We selected our horses for their attitude and breed. They’re well trained for equestrian tourism, everyone has different personalities but the same predisposition to work in the countryside. They are mainly Italian horses. On the back of your new adventure friend you can spend moment of Happiness, freedom, adrenaline and peacefulness in the nature.

Take a look at our offer at this web site and contact us to discuss your ideal ride. We will give you the more suited experience to you.

Both enthusiast riders and experienced riders can take part to these activities, also mostly aficionados from any level, people curious to discover new territories and landscapes on saddle.

To book conctact us to discuss your plans and to check availability.

Experience with us and our horses the magic of this part of Italy!


Contact us for informations about rides or dates availability.
It is in no way binding and it will be an excellent opportunity to know us.

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Riding experience (experience, intermediate, novice, beginner); weight, height, date of birth, multiple booking (how many people).