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Italy is famous for her cities of art, the extraordinary Tuscany has been witnessing a rediscovery of the countryside in the last few years, above all by foreigners, fascinated by the unique natural landscape and quality of life here.
We know the importance of increasing the knowledge of the beautiful natural surroundings. We are confident that thanks to horses you will be able to discover Tuscan nature and his uncontaminated places while your emotions and your genuine feelings rise. The natural landscape is exceptionally interesting, especially for its biodiversity, quite and variety. Horses are the way to stay in contact with these special places, away from pollution, noise and stress. The horse becomes an antidote to the excesses of everyday life, a way to discover something special in Tuscany and to spend amazing moments in your Italian vacancy.
Following mountain paths, river banks, old mule tracks, ancient Roman roads that today lead to deserted places and riding among unique landscapes, wonderful sight view and places tamed by the hand of man with great care, you can have the possibility to discover the authentic Tuscany. Ride with a good horse, friend of adventure, thought rolling fields, green hills with olive trees and rows of vineyards that look like painting, beaches, cliffs, sandy dunes, brackish lagoons, swamps, woods, Mediterranean scrubs, evergreen pine forests and rows of cypresses, makes your holiday in Italy a complete presence in the moment, totally here and now. Horses and Tuscany give you the possibility to rediscover a slower rhythm of time and thoughts and another dimension of space.
One day away from everyday to live a new parallel time and another dimension.

A day on saddle between nature, history, art, fascinating ruins and silence.
A day to collect moments. You can swim with your horse, you can feel the adrenaline of a canter, you can taste typical wine and food, you can work with the cows, you can join famous places and enjoy them.
During a holiday it’s important to produce a renewed energy that you can carry inside even when you come back home.
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“Concordia parvae res crescunt, discordia maximae dilabuntur”
(with concord small things increase, with discord the greatest things go to ruin)
Sallustio, Bellum Iugurthinum.

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