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Maremma Park, Uccellina's mountains and a spectacular view on the sea and Argentario

Maremma park is the frist regional protected area born in Tuscany.
Its 8902 hectars has a dynamic accurate equilibrium for a good conservation of biodiversity and human presence.
Territory are a mix of natural and wild lanscape with an incredible number of plant species and animals, and cultivated areas.
Uccellina Mountains are hills - the highest point is 417m s.l. with up and down sometimes similar to the one of the mountains.
Forest vegetation is rather different, from holm oaks (Quercus ilex) and cork oaks (Quercus suber) that are the dominant species and we can found also some one who can be up to twelve metres, to the typical Mediterranean vegetation, with a dense bush rich in different species - Lentiscus, rosemary, viburnum strawberry tree.
In spring time, in the humid and shadowed soil of the under wood we can find cyclamens, wild asparagus, and liane.
In these environments it is possible to see rare birds like buzzards, biancone, magpi, jay and pheasant.
Closed to the wooded hills there are cultivated fields, vineyards, olive groves, deciduous woods.
Mens’ presence is since Prehistory. Etruscan period was flourishing era like the year of Italian State. Mussolini and his Opera Nazional Combattenti completed the reclamation of the swamp area south of the Park -started to Cosimo I dei Medici. Thanks to this and thanks to the and of a period of wars and plagues, it was possible to project in this area a territorial organisational set-up plan - giving to some family a farm and a land bringing the Maremma to a better economic situation.
Some years later, in 1975, Maremma regional park born to protect complex ecosystem, cultur and historical-artistic testimonies. This is a luck: in fact the area has maintained its originals natural habitats.


This ride start in the south area of Maremma park, near Talamone - Maremma’s jewels.

It’s 2 hours ride in the regional park.

Paths are a mix of different scenary. They pass trought coastal hilly reliefs of Mediterranean scrub woods, low vegetation areas, garrigue, dirt roads and centuries-old olive groves.
Vegetation is typical of Mediterranean scrub with shrub and wooded areas of holm oaks, cork oaks, strawberry trees, rosemary.
It is possible to meet deer and wild boar and other wild animals.

You start on flat, in the history part of farm, to take confidence with your new adventure’s friend.
Than you do up and down in Uccellina’s Mountains.
You join a sight view on the see, Monte Argentario and Orbetello.

Time strat is conditioned by the season.
Start of activities can change according by the availability and needs of riders

2 hours ride

Well-trained Italian horse.
Confortable saddles
Path length: 9 km.
Places: Parco Naturale della Maremma, Montagne dell’Uccellina, Talamone, Monte Argentario, Isola del Giglio, Montecristo, Orbetello, Duna Feniglia, Giannella
Period: All year round, every day.
Reservation required

food and beverages

We can suggest some places nearby the stable.
Gastronomy with typical dishes, agritourism with homemade beer and pizza, informal place with good food, fish restaurants in Talamone or on the beach


We can suggest different solution for different needs.
Agritourisms in green places, hotel on the see, accomodations in Fonteblanda or Talamone, special camping solutions

services aviable on request

Private tour

equipment needed

dress code

Recomended jeans and sneakers. Short pants and open shoes or platforms are not allowed.
Backpack and scarves are not allowed because they can framed in the branches, it’s possible to bring a belt bag.

Price: 60,00 €
  • por person for 2 hours ride with equestrian guide

Contact us for informations about rides or dates availability.
It is in no way binding and it will be an excellent opportunity to know us.

Period: Indicate the date or period of your interest.

Notes / Message: Dates requested (if you are flexible please let us know alternative dates).
Riding experience (experience, intermediate, novice, beginner); weight, height, date of birth, multiple booking (how many people).